Service Programs

The best way to maintain your HME/NTN Wireless Guest Paging System

TNTech Canada is committed to providing the best service programs to help your restaurant operations.

TNTech Care offers Pager Care and Transmitter Care. Pager Care provides you with automatic shipment of your choice of any number of pagers per month.

Transmitter Care provides an extended warranty on your transmitter while under the program. With TNTech Care your Paging System is covered on malfunctions that may occur throughout the year, subject to warranty provisions.

Pager Care and Transmitter Care is available only for HME/NTN Wireless Equipment. Please click here to contact us for more information.

Advantages of enrolling in the TNTech Care program include:

  • Defined costs - manage your paging system costs.
  • Guest Paging System equipment carries an extended warranty for as long as you are signed up.
  • Advance Replacement on vital items such as paging transmitters.
  • Auto shipment of replacement coasters each month replenishes your Guest Paging System.
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