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Server Paging System

Server Paging System    
  ServerCall Highlights ● Auto Recall Feature
● All-Page Feature
● Most Reliable Pagers
● Manager Button
● Multiple Pager and Transmitter Choices
● User-Replaceable Rechargeable Batteries
● Unique System ID
● Flexible Integration

Deliver the best guest experience possible with ServerCall restaurant paging system.
ServerCall keeps waiters, chefs and managers in constant communication and working more efficiently.
Waiters are instantly notified when the food is ready for pickup while it’s still hot and fresh.

ServerCall helps you win customers and manage your staff more effectively and profitably.

With ServerCall, wait staff can spend more quality time with guests, selling more and keeping customers satisfied.
Servers handle tables more productively, reducing labor costs.

Whether your restaurant is large or small, ServerCall comes with a variety of transmitter and pager choices that fit any budget.

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Paging System
Paging System

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