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GuestCall Restaurant Paging

GuestCall Restaurant Paging    
  GuestCall Highlights ● Customer-Friendly Paging
● Anti-Theft Feature
● Most Reliable Pagers
● User-Replaceable Batteries
● Smart Charging
● Unique System ID
● Flexible Integration

Turn waiting guests into happy customers with GuestCall restaurant paging system.
GuestCall notifies customers with a flash, beep or vibration the instant their table is ready. No need for long lines or noisy overhead systems.


With GuestCall, you'll easily manage your guest flow and create a quieter, more inviting ambience.

GuestCall helps you be more profitable by increasing your table turns and sales.
Lightweight, convenient pagers free customers to visit the bar or nearby areas for a more relaxing experience.
You can also choose from several pager models that best fit your budget.

With GuestCall, your staff will deliver faster, smoother, more customer-friendly service.

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